?Victims? of Modern Technologies

With the appearance of mobile phones, computers and other new convenient technologies, payphones, paper letters, Paper Road Maps or Wristwatches are gradually disappearing. It is obvious that new technologies have been killing older technologies. We have witnessed the obsolescence of hundreds of tools and devices which have been used for decades.


Paper Letters

Many convenient ways including SMS, Facebook, Yahoo and so on. are available to keep contact with other people. Therefore, most people now forget the way to write a paper letter.

Paper letters seem to disappear today.


Portable CD Players

In the past, music fans often listen to their favorite songs in a portable CD player which can store only 80 minutes. Now we can store works of hundreds of artists in a tiny MP3 player which can last all day long.


Card Catalogs

People don’t need to find a book among millions of tiny cards any more. These days, in libraries, computers are equipped with all the well-organized folders.


Tape-based Memo Recorders

Tape-based Memo Recorders now become obsoletes because they are replaced by digital memo recorders and smartphones, which feature better battery life, longer recording times, higher audio quality and so on.



Not many people use payphones to make call these days thanks to the popularity of small mobile phones.


Paper Road Maps

Paper road map is not as “cool” and convenient as GPS device or applications for directions which are installed in smartphones.



Wristwatches are still used as jewelry and considered as a symbol of elegance. However, not many people use them to know the time now because many other convenient multi-function devices such as mobile phones can do that.



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