PPC and Technology

Pay Per Click is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are using PPC instead of other types of advertising. This is expected to double over the next five years and PPC is likely to become more complex as it becomes more competitive. This could make technology more essential to running a successful PPC campaign. Effective PPC management can be aided by technology along with humans.

Technology isn’t useful for everything; there are things that people do better. Humans are typically better at coming up with a strategy and analysing data. There are tools that can be used to assist humans in these areas though. The correlation of results can be extremely time consuming for a person to do. Therefore technology can be very useful in this area, therefore giving people more time to analyse the stats that have been collected and moving things forward from there. Technology allows people to focus what is really useful and really needs doing.

Keyword Research is an area that is crucial, and there are a number of tools that can help in this area. They will suggest keywords around the generic terms that a human enters, and give results as to how often these terms are searched for. This gives people ideas that they may not have thought of otherwise. These tools should not be used to make a decision though, as the term it suggests may not be relevant to the specific site. Therefore the correlation between humans and technology is important. SEO Heat Mapping tools look at how using PPC and optimising a site is likely to effect results. For example, it will tell you how much your traffic is likely to increase by if you move up a place in the SERPS or if you get to the top of the rankings. AD Copy is something that is better performed by humans. The thing that tools can be useful for is automatically stopping the campaign if a product is sold out so therefore not available. They can also help you experiment but their suggestions shouldn’t be used without thought.

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