Moral Of Modern Teaching Media In Teaching

The rapid development of science and technology to face the new century requires us to do everything possible to improve the quality of teaching and training that can meet the challenges of the comprehensive development of innovative high-quality talent. No doubt, this is an ongoing, systematic project. Among them, the introduction of new teaching methods and teaching methods are an important aspect of cultivating creative talents. This paper aims to increase primary school of modern teaching media in ideological and moral quality of the important role of teaching and teachers how to make good use of teaching methods and other issues that make some preliminary discussion.

1, use of modern media, ideological and moral education is to improve the quality of teaching an important means of

Impart knowledge to students, should first create a good learning environment to stimulate students interest in learning. Well-known educator Comenius said: “interest is the creation of a happy and bright one of the main teaching environment.” Interest is the catalyst for people to learn, is that people’s internal motivation to learn. Teaching practice that: students learn lively, active learning tasks to complete, is to improve the quality of teaching and the full implementation of the important factors of quality education. With the wave of educational reform have launched the modern teaching equipment continuously into the classroom, it is increasingly clear to modern teaching media in the implementation of quality education played an important role. Because modern teaching media (multimedia combination) of teaching, with set text, shape, light, sound, color, static and dynamic in one of the advantages of teaching content can vividly display in front of students, changed the abstract, a single visual teaching vivid three-dimensional teaching, it is often used in modern education and teaching a new method, is one of many ways of creating learning situations in the leader. Primary ideological and moral discipline, full use of modern teaching media to optimize the classroom structure, teaching effectiveness is particularly notable. For example, in studying the “aggressive” article, in accordance with lessons to learn new lessons in the former, were first prepared to teach “children the first week of a child’s story,” the CAI courseware presented to the students to see. The set of computer courseware character modeling and movement, dialogue, thinking in one, combined with color pictures of the physical projector, the students demonstrated in the course of the characters vivid look, while listening, side would like, which show the child the first week of a child learning from the failure, through their tireless efforts, proactive, results, finally catching up, and later became a world-renowned biologist. At this point, ask students to think: a man of learning should be greatly improved, what kind of learning should be the attitude? To inspire students to understand the problem, raises issues of computer screen: one proactive. Timely and inspire students: This text by a famous mathematician of modern spoken Zhang thick, he is also a good example of a proactive, ask someone to look at how the text describes him. In this way, using text, audio and video combination of methods to lead to new courses, greatly stimulate the students interest in learning new lessons, mobilized the enthusiasm of students.

Stimulate students interest in learning the fundamental purpose is to improve the quality of teaching is to train students of its important manifestations of the spirit of innovation. Develop students awareness of innovation and innovation is to improve the comprehensive qualities of the times. Information technology advances of science and technology today, innovation is particularly important. Successors and culture of a nation builder, if not good at innovation, but only in accordance with the teaching of their elders to production and life cycle, only the introduction of foreign science and technology – the production – and then imported – reproduction, it will always be behind the others. Therefore, General Secretary Jiang Zemin pointed out that a nation without sense of innovation, is a nation without hope, “knowledge economy, innovation, essential to our development of the 21st century.” However, the long-oriented education, rote learning, high sub-low, so that our students the quality of creative consciousness and creative ability have not been very good training and development. And this mode of education is continuing, the ills caused by this mode of education and the issues that still affect us in the younger generation. To this end, vigorously develop students awareness of innovation and innovation is urgent.

Student’s character and behavior of the formation depends largely on its own around the impact of objective things, influence, the more deeply, the greater the tendency shown by the more powerful. These are the creative consciousness and affect the ability of students to the development of important factors. In the ideological and moral teaching, to promote students to form a creative act, in selecting appropriate teaching strategy, to create the right atmosphere to encourage students to express their views boldly, students unconventional, pioneering courage, which is to train students in creative spirit of the guarantee. The modern teaching media in the expansion of student thinking, and promote students to form a good sense of innovation, the innovative spirit of students could play a good role.