Heat And Water Transfer Printing Technology And Applications – Heat Transfer, Water Transfer

Film on the intermediate vector graphics using the appropriate pressure transfer to the substrates on the printing method, called the transfer. According to the different pressures used, transfer is divided into: Hot transfer, gas transfer, wire transfer, low transfer and so on.

Technology transfer and Is to motifs heat transfer printing to heat-resistant adhesive tape, through heat, pressure, the ink layer of the tread pattern to the finished printed material on a technology. Even the colors of the logo, because transfer operation is a process, so customers can reduce the printing pattern operations, reduce errors caused as printing material (product) losses. Using thermal transfer printing film can be a multi-color logo into a map, without chromatography, a simple device can also be printed pattern fidelity.

Heat transfer equipment for decorative aluminum shaped materials, various metal plate, can achieve the effect of wood or marble. Sublimation heat transfer equipment is based on principles of work, it will be 3-5 minutes required for wood or marble-shaped rapid transfer to the aluminum powder coating material within the coating can penetrate 40-60 microns. Aluminum transfer printing production process: First, heat transfer film roll film machine will cut it to size. The second is to cut a good transfer film packaging machine in accordance with the transfer of ultrasonic size of the workpiece into a workpiece with ultrasonic welding package bags. Third, the platform will work in the packaging insert made of parts with the transfer film wrapped bags. Fourth, improve the package thermal transfer printing film machine parts on the car platform, in turn can hold 18 of aluminum, the aluminum ends connected to the vacuum tap and lock, open the vacuum switch, transfer film to bear at this time close to the aluminum on. Aluminum car automatically sent to baking furnace, oven temperature 220 degrees automatically and heat 3 minutes, the car automatically exit the oven. Fifth, release the vacuum tap, remove the workpiece. Sixth, remove the transfer film, and check the quality of parts.

Thermal transfer lithography production process, one will use thermal transfer paper roll machine cutting membrane cut to size. Second, the thermal transfer paper membrane attached to the flat surface and on the heat? Printer on. The third is to push to the flat plate heat transfer machine heat zone, pressing the switch plate, pressing firmly down on thermal transfer paper will work piece, heating and insulation for a minute. Fourth, rising plate, will be pushed to the documents section of the workpiece, the workpiece to remove the transfer film to the next and check.

Thermal transfer technology widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials and decoration. Because of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, fire protection, in outdoor use for 15 years does not change color and other properties, almost all the way goods are produced with this label. For example, open the phone shell, you can see the dense interior with a bar code label. Many labeling requirements can withstand the test of time, long-term shape and not faded, not to wear from contact with solvent, high temperature on the deformation can not change the color, it is necessary to adopt a special material to print media and print materials to ensure that these characteristics are generally inkjet, laser printing can not be achieved.

Water transfer printing technology Known as the more environmentally friendly technology, is currently the newest in a highly efficient print production, probably with his ink from the printing process. Water transfer printing using water pressure and activator of water transfer carrier film strip on the dissolution of the transfer layer, the basic process: (a) film printing: Printing of the polymer film on the different patterns; (b) spray Primer: A lot of material to be coated with a layer of adhesive agents, such as metal, ceramics, etc., to transfer a different pattern, you must use a different background, such as the basic use of wood brown, brown, khaki, etc., Marble basic Use white, etc.; (3) membrane extension: Let the water on the flat film and stretch film to be formed; (d) activation: a special solvent (activator) to transfer film into the ink pattern activation state; (5 ) transfer: The water pressure will be activated by the pattern printed on the printed matter; (6) Washing: will be printed on the workpiece residual impurities wash water; (7) Drying: Drying will be printed on the workpiece, the temperature The Prime of visual material to the melting point may be; 8) spray paint: spray paint on the transparent protective surface protection is printed; 9) drying: the spraying paint drying surfaces.

There are two types of water transfer printing technology, a standard transfer of water technology, the other is coated water transfer technology, the former mainly text and photo images to complete the transfer, the latter tend to the entire product complete transfer surface. Drape transfer technology (Cubic Transfer) using a water easily dissolved in water to carry graphic film. As the tension of the water coated film excellent, very easy to spiral graphic on the product surface layer, the surface is like painting the same products are completely different look. Drape transfer technology can be coated in any color pattern for the shape of the workpiece, for the three-dimensional product manufacturers to resolve printing problems. Surface coated surface can also add different lines of products, such as striae, wood, jade and other patterns and Marble, at the same time to avoid color printing often is the general board of the virtual spaces. And in the printing process, the products, and printing film surface without contact with the surface to avoid damage to the product and its integrity.