Evolution Of Information Technology

Over the years, Information Technology has advanced so much that we are able to live better lives which is very much different from the way we live before.

Information Technology is actually derived from the term “data processing”. The purpose of Information Technology is to provide us efficient and reliable ways on how to communicate information to other people.

Computers have important roles in the evolution of Information Technology. Before, if we want to send messages, we have no choice but to send it through snail mails. But today, we can use computers to send and receive electronic mails with just a click of a button. Not to mention that sending e-mails is also one of the fastest ways to send messages to our loved ones.

There have been a lot of applications which are created to efficiently fit the way we live our lives today. One example is the instant messaging applications wherein we can communicate with our loved ones almost instantaneously. Instant messaging is not only limited to sending texts but we can also send photos, audio files, or talk to them via voice chat. We can also use instant messaging applications to start a video conferencing with somebody at the other part of the world.

During the early 1990’s, the use of computers in Information Technology especially at home is not that much popular. But since internet has become popular, the usage of computers has become popular too. Computers also enable us to learn online by surfing the internet for different research topics. There is also what we call e-learning wherein a student communicates with the teacher using computers via the internet.

Truly that Information Technology is becoming more and more complicated as it evolves, but always remember that Information Technology is here to provide us convenient ways on how to communicate with our loved ones.