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Information is no doubt that this school year was the most mentioned “keywords.” A computer, a network cable, save a school. State inspectors, the Shanghai Education Association Zhang livelihood to change today’s schools as “schools in a desert of information technology to achieve leapfrog development.”

Use of multimedia classes teachers have now become a habit.
The only classroom-visual equipment is a regular old tape recorder and a Projector The engine room of 40 computers and only 20 units can be properly opened, the teachers no computer, no cable, basically the teacher in the class by “a chalk, a blackboard,” … … the Shanghai Museum of audio-visual education programs produced by the Department of chess master Renchen Guo, still vividly remember the first time in August 2007 to today, Nanhui District School saw. Nobody would have thought that such a face demolition at any time and the risk of poor schools in rural areas, but in just one year, miraculously “reborn Jedi”: not only the level of application of information technology in the short term from the “blank sheet” risen to middle level schools in rural areas, the overall school is also significantly improved from the original area, “Last one” step by step into the ranks of the middle reaches.

Information is no doubt that this school year was the most mentioned “keywords.” A computer, a network cable, save a school. State inspectors, the Shanghai Education Association Zhang livelihood to change today’s schools as “schools in a desert of information technology to achieve leapfrog development.”

Niaoqianghuanbao, information to catch up with urban schools Today the school is located in Nanhui
in remote rural areas of a weak school, formerly the East China Sea, the school children of farm workers in 2003, placed under the Nanhui District. In 2007, as a municipal solid project, “400 rural primary and secondary information environment construction” to benefit the city’s 492 rural schools honored today as the first two schools in Shanghai Education Information Application of experimental schools.

Year before the new school year began, the whole school, including 17 classrooms, all equipped with rear projection, computers, projectors, multimedia equipment, including instruction, room configuration 50 new student computers with liquid crystal display, one of 48 teaching staff Notebook . At the same time, the school LAN configuration basically completed the installation of four Server Also acquired mobile, fixed multimedia equipment, a total of 140 million yuan investment. “This kind of equipment to be advanced than the urban schools.” Today the school is responsible for the project, said Chen Qi.

But today the school’s pilot project with information stand up, who neither grasp. Because long-term development of the school’s lackluster teacher vacancies serious Recruitment Delay in response to requests.

“To succeed, not fail.” Package from the principal to school health teacher, seems to regard the information technology opportunities, as the last chance for school development.

Next three months, the relevant Technology Training teachers occupy almost all the spare time. Intel Teach to the Future, concept map training, networking and Humanities Lecture Series, blog and professional development series of lectures … … education information application pilot project implementation unit?? Shanghai Museum of the Working Group for the audio-visual education tailored to today’s schools, a rich “information feast.” In Expert They face to face, hands-on guidance, the teachers began to try to unit plan design, presentation production, production and other basic concept map of teaching information technology.

According to package up to President Wei introduced before 2007, teachers can better use the computer only four or five people can consciously apply teaching are extremely small; but now 100% of the whole school, teachers and courseware production of electronic teaching plan , can use multimedia classes, and information technology in the classroom utilization rate reached 90%.

Classroom applications for students to love learning
Information for teachers to bring new technologies, while also bringing new ideas. EDUCATIONAL Museum in Shanghai, under the lead teachers, colleges of education experts, and urban teaching and research staff to the elite schools of good teachers also come. Teachers are happy but nervous, because before this, today the school is almost a forgotten corner. Each teachers are jealous of this rare opportunity for development, they are eager to learn through training, information technology used in the classroom teaching.

Nanhui District, as Secretary for Education, Lionel Ni said, the changes in today’s schools, not only to the improvement of conditions for running the hardware, but also because the mental outlook of the changes teachers. In the experiment the beginning of the semester, the school information technology applications for teachers to take mandatory measures, such as demanding the teacher must be completed each semester commencement of the first group, video lesson 4, learned papers 1, 3 and other electronic works, and to this as an important basis for year-end appraisal. But gradually, with the computer classes has become a teacher’s initiative. Now they want to get more teachers how to integrate information technology with classroom teaching better. After school, on campus blog, exchange of teaching ideas, lesson platform to broadcast lessons and evaluation, many teachers have become the “new habits.” Only one year, teachers teaching blog published more than 3,000 articles, comments, more than 2,000 articles, complete the 310 video lessons, school leaders are considering their own educational resources for library preparation.

Lesson observation and evaluation of experts time and time again, out again and again as learning a second internal communication and discussion, teachers were the most effective teaching guide. “In the past the form of a single class, the teacher put it hard we could hear boring.’m Feeling more active in class, language class to listen to songs, watch animated math, a lot of knowledge points to better understand a deeper impression, students are really like. “eighth-grade classroom students Huang Jiani points to the new changes today.

Extended development to peasant children to open a window
School to promote information technology, brought to students not just the classroom variety, but also to provide information, open a window view. Today, 580 school students, 92% of children of migrant workers, students rarely have a computer at home, which requires more attention to teachers teaching in information technology applications.

History class, students textbook “loyal patriotic” to question the teacher when the court opens search engine, and the students explore the “loyal patriotic” How to be copied aliasing for the “sake of serving the country”; language class, the teacher Upload a video to enable students to appreciate the magnificent drum performance, and better comprehend the text, “Ansai Waist Drum,” the author wants to celebrate the life force. Some teachers will be conscious when operating in the layout to stay home a few