Compressor Heat Recovery Technology Review And Development Trend Of History

By zoning if the compressor can be divided into room air conditioner compressor on, modular air conditioning on the compressor, refrigerator compressor on the compressor and other uses broad categories. Below our main and combined from the room air conditioner compressors both talk about the trend of world development.

A room air conditioner 2002 the global production of about 34.03 million units room air conditioner compressor.

In the field, the development of the compressor can be summarized as the following:

1, the production focus to China and East Asian countries

To further reduce the price, the major air conditioning manufacturers are more production to low labor costs in China and East Asia. The manufacturer plans to output scroll or rotary compressor installed in the local production of air-conditioning, such as Panasonic is ready in its Guangzhou plant R410A DC scroll compressor, and install them to the local production of air conditioners device on, and then they sell to the Japanese. Matsushita will also sell to local competitors in the compressor to produce room air conditioners.

2, refrigerant transition to HFC In Japan, has more than 95% of the refrigerant has been converted to R410A, but in China and East Asian countries, R22 refrigerant is still the only solution seems to the world. However, the R410A transformation is under way, five years later, R410A refrigerant share will increase to 25%.

3, EER higher, accelerating the development of frequency control

In Japan, to meet the “energy saving law revision” of the requirements of energy-saving competition is intensifying. Thus, as shown in Table 1, the major manufacturers of 2.8KW models of cooling / heating average energy efficiency ratio reached 5.89-6.01. The use of room air conditioner compressor is rotating, swing or scroll. The room air conditioner has been upgraded to high-end models, use R410A refrigerant, variable frequency control and efficient DC motor. In order to prevent global warming, global energy guide is extremely necessary. China is ready to join the WTO as a turning point, the energy requirement in law.

Guangdong Meizhi Compressor Co., Ltd. Mr. K. Kumashiro estimate: By 2005, China’s room air conditioners, the DC inverter compressor ratio would rise to 30%.

1981, the first frequency control variable speed rotary compressor used for the first time in the room air conditioner on. This compressor has greatly improved the energy saving, increased comfort and accelerated the speed of heat the room air conditioner.

A kind of twin rotary compressor (rotary piston) in 1985 for the first time in Japan, used in a commercial air-conditioning on. As the improved vibration characteristics, which for large rotary compressor, thereby paving the road. 1988, applied to the inverter control room air cylinder rotary compressor come out, to expand its range of low-speed operation, so that power range to more than double than the previous model. Thus, to achieve a further energy saving, reducing vibration and noise levels, increase room comfort.

4, the latest research results Matsushita Electric Corporation in 2002 Purdue Compressor Technology Conference, announced a carbon dioxide brushless DC motor compressor (see Figure 1) research results, the displacement is 4cc. Matsushita also said that by adjusting the fuel injection rate, carbon dioxide, energy efficiency compressor with R410A scroll compression

Machine quite. Italy Ddlonghi also introduced three kinds of models of 2-3.6KW of split type, use the R290 {youtube|100|campaign}