An Electrician Talks About Technology

As an electrician, I see some new technology that can help electricians, utilities and customers save time and money.

For an electrician, one piece of equipment frequently used is a thermal temperature meter. This type of equipment does not take any infrared images, but it does give a very good indication of the temperature of an object. Anytime heat is created with metal demonstrates that there is a bad connection. Any type of diagnostic equipment that detects that type of heat can help an electrician fix the problem before it becomes more serious.

Another piece of equipment that is similar to the thermal temperature meter but quite a bit more expensive is a thermal magnetic imaging camera. As an electrician, I highly recommend this to customers who have big industrial or commercial businesses. The camera takes a thermal image and shows you any kind of a possible heat differential between what is normal and what is not. This is just a proactive step to help companies prevent any big electrical problems that can disrupt business for a long period of time.

One piece of technology that has added a lot of safety to the electrical repair industry is insulated tools. When I started as an electrician, tape was commonly used to insulate tools. The technology available now to an electrician has made the job safer than before.

For utilities, remote power meters and peak hour meters are becoming more widely used. Consumers get a break on their power bills if utilities, using these meters, can see their usage decrease during peak hours. Costs will eventually go down for everyone as utility companies can actually read the readings remotely over the internet, instead of sending a meter reader to read the results manually.

For consumers, using compact fluorescent lights is an easy way to save money. Just compare using a recommended nine-watt compact fluorescent light instead of a 60-watt incandescent bulb in a few lamps around the house. Many people will start noticing the difference over time. There are also compact fluorescent bulbs that can be dimmed, which is also another energy and money saver. Installing a programmable thermostat and switching to energy saving appliances will help consumers save even more in the long run.

Technology has helped in many different areas. As it continues to evolve, it is important for electricians, utilities and consumers continue to use it to their advantage. {youtube|100|campaign}