A Review of the Latest in Ultrasound Technologies

We are taking a look at the latest offerings from some of the leaders in the ultrasound and imaging industry. We are looking at the Ultrasonix SonixTouch, the Aloka ProSound Alpha 7, the GE Voluson 730 and the Sony Medison Sonoace Pico.

Ultrasonix SonixTouch

Ultrasonix is changing the way you view ultrasound. Ultrasonix SonixTouch offers premium color image quality in a compact portable device using a powerful clinical imaging software platform.

SonixTouch is a great example of innovation provided by Ultrasonix. The SonixTouch system offers:

A completely touch screen driven user-interface,
Compact design,
Premium image quality
Advanced imaging modes (Spatial Compounding, Pulse Inversion Harmonics),
Full connectivity
Adaptive user interface
Market and user configurable
90 minute battery operation
Market-specific calculation and report packages
Wireless connectivity
Portability and easy maneuverability, and
Convenient accessory tray

…all packaged in a lightweight, versitile system.

The UltraSonix SonixTouch offers advanced ultrasound technology in a small, lightweight, portable design.  Ultrasonix offers state-of-the-art systems that are consistantly being researched and validated by testing from high level research. In this way, provides optimal imaging technologies that constantly evolve instead of becoming quickly outdated.UltraSonix

Aloka ProSound Alpha 7

Powerful and easy to use, the Aloka ProSound Alpha 7 is a compact diagnostic ultrasound system that presents efficient examination with high-definition images, user friendliness and efficient but flexible data management.

The ProSound Alpha 7 facilitates examination and diagnosis thanks to its exceptional image quality and diverse functionality that support and enhance the accuracy of diagnosis.

The Alpha 7 helps reduce noise by optimizing the transmission waveforms
The broadband harmonics of the Aloka Alpha 7 offer high sensitivity comparable to fundamental imaging – even with harmonic echo imaging.
The Alpha 7 Ultrasound helps alleviate user fatigue
Alpha 7 offers a panel switch customizing function that simplifies the use of all functions and measurements
The system can be connected to a digital environment via the DICOM network
The Aloka Alpha 7 system’s open architecture design will allow for future hardware/ software options and upgrades.

GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound

The GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound offers “Revolutionary Technology, Revolutionary Performance.” The RealTime 4D imaging of the Voluson 730 aims to become the standard of performance in clinical ultrasound.

GE Medical Systems is a leader in women’s healthcare with the Voluson 730 EXPERT system, which addresses the need for better diagnostic information delivered with higher speed and accuracy.

Collaborating with clinicians around the world, several advanced applications were developed to make the Voluson 730 EXPERT the prime choice in clinical ultrasound. In addition to the next generation of GE 4D Ultrasound technology, the Diamond Breakthrough introduces new clinical applications and migrated technology from the LOGIQ platform. The versatile GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound system delivers diversity in image optimization, reporting and archiving capabilities combined with the accuracy of digital processing.

Features of the GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound include:

Dimension Technology
Diagnostic Advantages
Dedication and Support
Digital Solutions
Hard-drive and DVD/CD storage
Full DICOM functionality
3D/4D functionality in a PACS environment
OB reporting/image archiving
ViewPACS capture and archive images via DICOM, RGB, or S-Video

Sony Medison Sonoace Pico

The Sony Medison Sonoace Pico is a digital color ultrasound system
with virtually all the features and imaging capabilities seen on a console system with the added benefit of being fully portable.

Built on a reliable Linux PC platform, the Sony Sonoace Pico boasts all-digital
beamforming and signal processing for best-in-class image resolution. The Sony Sonoace Pico is enhanced by a long list of advanced diagnostic tools including harmonic imaging as well as sensitive spectral, color and power Doppler.

The Medison Sonoace Pico offers:

All-Digital Beamforming,
Cardiac Imaging (the Sonoace Pico provides dynamic color flow in cardiac imaging,)
Freehand 3D Imaging,
Harmonic Imaging,
Trapezoidal Imaging,
Triple-Frequency Probes, and
256 Frame Cine Memory